We are sure that we are the service of webhosting that these looking for!

Of the simplest personal project to the greater website of businesses, we have a lodging platform Web according to each necessity.

Dedicated Webhosting, Servers, Virtual Servers Deprived VPS and Housing or Colocation.

Hosting Personal
hosting cheap in Chile

These hosting are the best option: Independent and enterprising designers, Bloggers, Professionals.

$39.900 annual + IVA
Plans of Hosting
Hosting Companies
webhosting economic Chile

These hosting are recommended a: Offices of Engineers, Architects, Accountants, Lawyers, Companies.

$119.900 annual + IVA
Plans of Hosting
Hosting Specialized
Servers webhosting Chile

These hosting are brilliant if you have a website with CMS, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop and Webpay.

$109.900 monthly + IVA
Plans of Hosting

You need to change of Hosting?

Planetahosting knows the difficult thing that it can be to change of supplier of webhosting. It is why we helped you in all the process without no additional cost. Simply contract a plan and from your “Zone of Clients” you request the transfer.
fontsfa.com always has been an important factor in the success of the businesses of our clients
Datacenter Webhosting
Lodging webHosting
Our Commitment

We commit ourselves to give the best experience of hosting to a reasonable price. We have the best relation price/quality that a company of webhosting gives in Chile.
In Planetahosting we make available a Department of Support certificate of world-wide class oriented to solve any problem and to help it in which it needs.

Real Uptime

The real Uptime of last the 12 months is of 99,97%, in addition all the users to Planetahosting can solicit that a report of uptime is sent to them monthly that has had the servant where its website lodges at any time.
An external company monitors the Servers and certifies that uptime that we offer is real.

Resources and Security

with the purpose of to manage to be leaders in the services of webhosting, we maintain a low density of users by nucleus in the Servers and destined an important part of our utilities in improving the infrastructure of Planetahosting.

All the Servers maintain endorsements in datacenter external in case of catastrophe.


Not yet you know what to lodging servant Web to choose?

When they are compared the real costs of our services Planet hosting gives more him by its money. A faster hardware, an efficient software, and have supported of first category. All this always taking care of that the prices are than always more reasonable.


Servers VPS

The perfect election if you begin a project. All sites, emails and other data reside in a “virtual machine” equivalent to a servant dedicated to a fraction of their price.

$69.900 monthly + IVA
Plans of VPS

Ideal if you need much power, space to grow and complete autonomy to form your services as you want. Resources guaranteed according to your needs.

$109.900 monthly + IVA
Plans of Dedicated Servers

It protects the servant of your company or business in a safe atmosphere. We have the suitable infrastructure if you need to have the best service, endorsement and connectivity.

$79.900 monthly + IVA
Plans of Housing
To unblock your direction IP

Direction IP is a random number that is assigned to a device within a network.
When multiple erroneous attempts of enter your account take place, or by a usuary error and/or password or because the configuration of your account of mail is incorrect, your direction IP it will be blocked by security.
When this happens, you will not be able to see your page nor to send and/or to receive post office, which normally would take to you to contact to your supplier of webhosting with the purpose of to solve the subject. But, in Planetahosting we want that you continue working without delays, for which we have created two options so that you unblock the IP you yourself.
To enter to UNBLOCKS YOUR IP or to ZONE OF CLIENTS, where you will be able to unblock your IP of easy and expeditious way.

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That is the Zone of Clients?

It is the section where you will be able to know the state your account of fontsfa.com, you will be able to review the information on the service which you contracted and to update your data.

The Zone has a Control Panel readily accessible to control the most usual requirements as to unblock your IP or to increase the quota of temporary disc, you can generate tickets of support attention, obtain useful unloadings your website and/or to verify the state of the network confirming that ours hosting works to the 100%.
In addition, the Zone of Clients is a direct information channel between Planetahosting and its clients, since, any excellent event is informed through this one platform.

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To extend the quota of mail

If you have problems with the reception of post office, most probable it is than you have reached the assigned quota to your account of mail. Supposing that your plan of hosting has not reached its limit of contracted space, the way easiest to solve it is to directly extend your quota of mail through your cPanel.
In case the problem has been generated because you reached the limit of space of your hosting, you have two alternatives, to do upgrade in your plan to one with greater space, or, to release space in your present plan, for which you will be able to ask for a temporary increase of quota of disc by 24 hours, to continue receiving post office you lie you release the necessary space.
This temporary increase you will be able to ask for it every 15 days.

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