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In this section it will find a series of questions that we have constructed from the consultations of clients.

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What is the difference of hosting in Chile and one abroad

The main differences are the following:
The bandwidth of a servant in Chile can be up to 100 times greater than one abroad (what it is translated in greater speed for his website and accounts of post office).

The Servers abroad generally give great spaces but with limit of data transfer (that is to say exists a limit in the number of visits that receives the site and traffic of post office).

The guaranteed times of Uptime of a Servant abroad are valid for their country of origin, but it does not stop Chile. Therefore a website in foreign servant can have up to 10 times more falling than a servant in Chile.

In case of some greater fault in one of our Servers, Planetah Hosting changes and mounts a new complete servant in only 4 hours.

What is the difference between hosting and domain?

A domain is the right to the use of a name in Internet, is the direction of its Web in the network.
The domain name is necessary to buy it, to acquire or to register a domain is to have the right to use that direction, exclusively and for everybody.
Hosting or lodging Web, are a space in a servant so that when somebody keys its name of domain in its navigator, this it sees the information that is stored in that space of servant.
You can have all the domains that you want without having hosting, to avoid that nobody plus has it and only to protect them.

What is the difference between servant Windows and Linux?

For any normal website in HTML or Flash, that does not have dynamic programming (handling of language or data bases as ASP, PHP, etc.) the two platforms are completely similar.
In fact, in equality of conditions the Linux platform is much more recommendable for this type of sites that the one of Windows, because she is more robust and it presents majors benefits and to smaller cost.

That is the service of Web Hosting?

The service of hosting is the leasing of a space in the hard disk of a servant connected directly to the network of Internet to lodge its website and its accounts of post office. This allows that the sites and the services of the clients are available for everybody, the 24 hours, the 365 days of the year.

Whichever better he is the servant where you lodge his webpage, you you benefitted with majors benefits and better response time from his site towards his visitors in the Web. has Servers of last generation connected directly to the Backbone de Internet through multiple superfluous lines, assuring an optimal level yield.

That is a domain in Car park?

The domain in car park is an option that allows him to point two or more names of domains (it must be owner of those domains, by all means) to a main domain.
For example our company has as main domain to but also we can have as car park the domain thus (without the final g) in case somebody is mistaken and written bad the equal domain is going to arrive at our website.

The domains in car park do not allow to have different content.

That is a domain?

A domain or name of domain is the Internet address that is going to identify to its website and accounts of post office, for example
The intention of the domains is to allow the connected users to Internet to find websites and to send E-mail to directions with simple names, without having to memorise the numerical directions that in fact are those that locates to the computers or Servers in Internet.
A domain finished in .cl implies a domain in Chile. The institution that handles, regulates and sells these domains in Nic Chile (
Also international domains as .com - .net exist - .org - .tv, etc.
In order to be able to use a service of hosting he is indispensable that the client has a domain.
If some of our clients requires it, makes all the procedure to register its national domain (.cl) or international (.com - .net - .org)

That is a FTP?

The FTP is the tool that allows him, through the network, to copy files from a computer to another one. And it, without mattering absolutely where these computers are located, or if they use the same operating system: it is enough with which they are connected to Internet.

The purpose of this program is to facilitate the copy or the transfer of files from the disc of a computer to the disc of another one, without running no type of risk of loss of information; and of a fast way and simultaneously very simple.

That is a subdomain?

The form easiest to understand a subdomain is to think about this as a domain within its main domain, for example, if we have as our domain and, next, serious a subdomain. This subdomain can even have content or specific information and another content with name and design different from first.

You can extend his site easily and, even, make use of the new subdomains that do not require the use of a third party, simply using the option in the Control Panel of the website.

That is uptime guaranteed?

It is the time that is guaranteed in annual form (duration of contract) in which stay operative its services.


Cpanel is a panel of administration via Web that allows him to manage the great part of the services contracted with us.


MySQL is a relational database management system, multithreading and multiuser it is offered under GNU lpg.


PHP (PHP Hypertext Pre-processor), is a programming language interpreted, designed originally for the creation of dynamic webpages.
It is used mainly in interpretation of the side of the servant (server-side scripting) but at the moment can be used from an interface of line of commandos or in the creation of other types of programs including applications with graphical interface using libraries Qt or GTK+.

Limitless transference

It is the amount of information that can transfer from and towards the servant (to move archives by FTP, visiting the webpage, sending and receiving post office). In our service we did not limit the traffic of this information.


It is a system of visualization and handling of his post office by means of his navigator.


The DNS or Domain Name System (System of Names of Domain) are and hierarchic a distributed database that stores information associated to names of domain in networks as Internet. Although as data base the DNS is able to associate different types from information from each name, the most common uses are the allocation of names of domain to directions IP and the location of the Servers of e-mail of each domain.
In summary: the DNS are identifiers of services for the Internet network (it identifies that hosting or that used its domain).


Backup or endorsements, is the backup copy that the servant of all the services realises that are in their account of hosting. This endorsement is realised automatically in daily, weekly and monthly form. This operation is realised outside office schedule (at dawn).