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In this section it will find a series of questions that we have constructed from the consultations of clients.

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Error 0x800C0133 in Outlook Express

Option 1: Its anti-virus is blocking the connection.

Some types of anti-virus work being placed enters the connection Internet and the program of e-mail, intercepting the messages that he sends and he receives through this: the e-mail message leaves towards the anti-virus, which scans it and soon it transmits the e-mail servant.
This way of operation of the anti-virus is prone to give errors with messages of mail of great weight and/or that contains attached files, especially in slow equipment (equipment with little CPU, RAM or many programs executing itself at the same time).
In order to verify if its Anti-virus works this way - causing the error 0x800C0133 -, deactivates temporarily its anti-virus and comes to send the message again. If the operation is successful, the disadvantage is generated because of the anti-virus and to solve the problem permanently it will have to reshape it so that it does not intercept his messages of mail.

Option 2: Su firewall is blocking the mail client.

If it has firewall in his PC, the error 0x800C0133 can be generated not to have open the access to Internet for the applications Msimn.exe (Outlook express) or Outlook.exe (Microsoft Office Outlook).
In the same way, it can happen that his firewall does not have open port 110 - for the reception of electronic mail and port 26 - for the shipment of electronic mail.
In this case, to solve the problem firewall will have to deactivate his temporarily and to try to send the message again. If the message is sent correctly, the disadvantage is generated because firewall is blocking the ports used for the shipment and/or reception of messages. In order to solve the problem firewall will have to reshape his allowing the use of ports 110 and 26.

Option 3: The servant blockade its connection

Before repeated attempts to accede with erroneous data to anyone of our services, he can happen that its IP is blocked, generating the error 0x800C0133. In order to verify if its IP is blocked or no, he will have to accede from the PC where he has the disadvantage to the website corresponding to the servant of e-mail (ex: If its domain is, it will have to accede to If it is not possible to him to accede to this website, he will have then to ask for the unfreezing of his IP, by means of the opening of a ticket of support in

Option 4: The associate is too great.

If the error 0x800C0133 is not habitual in its PC, it can be generated due to the attempt to unload an e-mail a too great attached file, that this saturating scanner of its anti-virus.

Option 5: Saturated connection

The error 0x800C0133 can be generated by intermittent problems in its connection to Internet or you cut in the transmission as a result of saturation. If its connection shares between different equipment, it can happen that they do not have sufficient salient bandwidth (towards Internet).
In order to verify it, make sure that only you use the access to Internet and try to send the message again. If the problem persisted, it would have to be contacted with his supplier of Internet for his resolution.

Option 6: File “corrupt tray of entrada.dbx?

The error 0x800C0133 can be generated in case the file “tray of entrada.dbx? this corrupt one. In these cases, to solve the error it is needed to follow the following instructions:
It opens the Outlook Express program in his PC.
It moves all the messages of his Inbox to other folders. [To create a new folder clicks in the menu File > Folders > New, assigns the name to the folder and clicks in Accepting.]
Once moved all the messages of the Inbox to another folder, > accedes to the menu Tools Options.
It selects to the eyelash Maintenance and soon it clicks in the button Folder of warehouse.
It will appear the window Location of the warehouse, where it visualized a direction. It clicks right on the field where is the direction and makes click in Selecting everything. It clicks straight again and it selects To copy.
It closes the Outlook Express program.
My PC opens in its computer the folder. In the bar of directions it sticks the direction that I copy in the window Location of the warehouse of Outlook Express.
It selects to the denominated file “Tray of entrada.dbx? and eliminates tightening it the button To suppress of the keyboard.
It opens the Outlook Express program again in his PC. Immediately a new file would be created “tray of entrada.dbx? in the warehouse folder.
It tries not to use the inbox as habitual folder of storage of e-mails, since it is where of the files that corrupt more easily.
After to have followed these instructions, will be able to correctly send emails with its account of mail from Outlook Express.

NDR: Types of more common errors

In respective to the services of shipment and the reception of mail we were with them when taking place an error in some of those processes.

He is here where we were with the well-known situation to receive a message of somebody stranger (Mail Delivery Subsystem) who informs to us that something walked bad.
When an error in the process of shipment of a message in some place of the route takes place that the same passes, it is generated a report that return to its sender in the form of answer of electronic message, in the same inquires to the sender of the logical place where took place the error, along with date and hour of the fact and information referring to the servant who generates the report (place in the route of the message, responsibility in the error, etc.)
In this message it tries to give a brief description than I originate the message and to inform to the sender about the gravity of the fact, (if it must send it again or no, etc.) Is important to consider that the report uses a list of criteria at the time of judging an incident so that it is according to this list that the servant tried to explain the fact, and according to this list also he will be which the servant offered a diagnosis us.

Why to clarify this?

By the simple fact that they can appear strange messages before particular cases and this will be due to the configuration of the servant who detects the error.
Here it is where Mailer Daemon enters, a small program that monitors the activity of the e-mail in the servant. If the messages are not given to the adressee, the Mailer Daemon has the information necessary to back from send the mail that I originate it with an error indicating the problem:

The premises configuration error: it indicates a problem in the square of the adressee. A mail can be sent to the administrator of the system of the supplier that owns the adressee.

Looping message: it happens when different systems from mail do not agree with the correct direction of a given adressee.

System timeout: usually it indicates a network problem causing delays (network lag). The destiny system would be indicated generally when this assets and available.

Bad host yam: it means that the system by which the mail is being sent, does not include the domain name (the portion of the direction of the right of the symbol @). This can be because the domain name has been entered incorrectly or can be due to a network problem. When doing ping can be observed if host to which it is wanted to send responds or is inaccessible.

Mailbox not Found: it happens when the mail direction does not have created the square in the servant but the mail direction is correct. This error is of most common when the implementation of the service is realised, the characteristic number is 550.

Relay Traffic Prohibited/unavailable Service: ocurrecuando it is not possible to arrive at the service of mail or the same is not available for that domain. (This error is of most common when the implementation of the service is realised, the characteristic number is 554).

The user's email yam is not found: it happens when the name of domain of the direction this correct one (the part of the direction of the right of @), but the name of user (left part from @) does not exist or is incorrect. The user's inbox is full: it happens when the square in its servant of mail is full. Due to this the message returns rejected because there was no to be given place.

It inactivates Account: it happens when the user, has not used the square by less in 60 days. When an account is inactive, any mail is suppressed that it has not been taken in at least 60 days and any new mail becomes to its sender. Unfortunately, the suppressed mail cannot be recovered.

In addition there are other errors that occur when the ISP is not authorized to manage mail of some other supplier. Generally, this is due to the discrepancies between Servers. Some examples:

“This domain is banned?
“This domain is banned for Spamming?
“Message from domain rejected?
“Access denied?
“Unavailable Service? “Unsolicited e-mail is refused?

The mail does not work to me from abroad

Some clients could have problems when acceding to their account of mail from some foreign country. 
This not necessarily happens by an IP blockade.
In order to solve this, we recommended to form the account of mail in IMAP.
In its defect, the last serious option to occupy the Webmail.

Problems with Exit of Post office

The ISPs that serves in Chile (Suppliers of Internet), sometimes block the port 25 (smtp), which commonly is used for the e-mail shipment.

This measurement finally is translated in which the configuration by defect of its Outlook, Outlook Express, or any other manager of mail, will not be able to send post office unless a change becomes.
This problem is produced exclusively by the suppliers of Internet and even though nothing has to do with this, we have qualified port 26 for the shipment of post office.

As I create an email account from the Cpanel?

It enters to his Cpanel entering to www. “ /cpanel (For example: Soon in the section “Post office? Accounts make click in the option “of Email?

Here it would find a small and simple form that ask to him for the name of the account, the password and the maximum space that wants to assign to that account of post office. It only must fill these data and to make click in the button “Create? and its account would immediately be qualified.

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As I see the accounts of post office from my Webmail?

It enters to its Webmail following the data that arrived to him in the email of welcome (
When entering its name of user and password, would be with 2 alternatives of webmail: HORDE and SQUIRREL-MAIL.

We recommend the use of the Squirrel-mail (but both programs are equal of reliable). When entering for the first time the system will ask to him that it selects the language. After this it would enter to a very friendly system that allows him to operate with its post office.

So that sometimes we received the message Error MAILER DAEMON - Failed Delivery?

When you receive a message of “MAILER-DAEMON? or “Mail Delivery Subsystem?, with a subject similar to “Error in the delivery? (or “Failed Delivery?) it means that it has not been possible to give the message that you have sent and it has been given back. These messages are generated automatically and usually include the cause of the error in the delivery in groins (since the one is the own remote servant that answers those messages). 
Some of the most frequent reasons for the return of mail are: 

User Unknown: The destiny servant does not recognize the user, assures to you that the direction that you have written is the correct one. 

Over quota: The adressee does not have sufficient capacity in his account of mail to receive more messages. The problem would stop when the user drains his account of mail. 

This to user doesn't have to account: The user to that you write does not have an account finished in .es, although it is possible that he has an account of mail finished in .com or .fr, to put some examples. 

Fatal The following addresses had permanent errors: The servant has problems with the mail account. It is possible that he does not exist or that has been eliminated. 

This account you have been disabled or discontinued: The account of mail to that you try to write the message no longer exists in the destiny servant. 

Message truncated: This it is not an error message that it prevents that your messages reach their destiny. Mailer Daemon has trimmed the message since the message of error plus the original message constitutes a message with too much text.

If a different cause is indicated and you want that we investigate it, send it to Includes the cause that is indicated in the error message. This information will be of much utility when we try to determine the reason for which the message has been given back.

As forming a mail with Microsoft Outlook Express?

It changes the data corresponding to his account of post office. Where it puts “ you must put your domain (EP

1. In the Menu, it selects to the section “Tools? and later you do click in the option “Accounts?, as one is next.

2. Kitchen maid on the button “To add? and, in the drop-down one that is, selects “Mail?.

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3. She introduces the Name To show. This name would be in the message in the section “Of?. You can put your complete name, the one of your company or what you want. Kitchen maid on “the Following? button

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4. She introduces the Servers of incoming and salient mail with the same format that appears in the preceded figure, that is to say, of “mail.?
Kitchen maid on “the Following? button

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5. Name of Account?, except these introduces the COMPLETE direction of email in the field “forming the main account as mail account (in this case “ is not necessary to include the part). It introduces the password corresponding to the account that these forming.
Kitchen maid on “the Following? button.

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6. It will appear to you the window that is in the following figure. Kitchen maid on the button “To finalize?.

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As forming a mail with Microsoft Outlook 2003 - 2007?

In Barra of tools, she clicks Tools and next, she selects Accounts of e-mail of the menu and soon She selects To add New account of electronic mails?.

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She selects option POP3, she selects sigguiente and Here she only must fill the form with the following data (replaces “sudominio? by the domain that correspond to him and   by the account of post office that wants to activate)
Its name = Enters its real name and/or its company
Email address = Enters the email that she is forming 
Servant of incoming mail (POP3) = (by ex:
Servant of salient mail (SMTP) = (by ex: 
Name of user = enters the email in complete form  
Password = Password of the mail account.

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Now it selects the option of “More Configurations? and enters the eyelash of Servant of Exit. 
Inside selections the option “My servant of exit (SMTP) requires authentication?. Soon it enters the eyelash “Outposts?.
Within this eyelash change the out port to the 26. Now it presses “To accept?, “soon Following? and “To finalize?.
The mail account has been formed correctly.

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As forming a mail in the program MAIL of MAC?

Basically it is exactly just as as it is formed in the Outlook or the Entourage.
For it we go away to the “Preferences? of the program.

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There we can find several eyelashes to form the program, but we remained in 1ª eyelash “Accounts?. The one that allows us to create and to publish the accounts. We recommend the use of the Squirrel-mail (but both programs are equal of reliable). When entering for the first time the system will ask to him that it selects the language. After this it would enter to a very friendly system that allows him to operate with its post office. We make click to the button “Add account? consequently it leaves the following window to us.

Here we selected “MGP? in Type of account and filled up all the squares with the given data (to change by the corresponding account everywhere and where says to change by your domain.): to change by the corresponding account everywhere and where says to change by your domain.):
- email address
- You go. Of Account or Name of User
- Servant MGP or entrant
- Servant smtp or projection
- Password

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The Mail by defect leaves the messages in servant MGP. Most advisable it is than it immediately erases them according to we gather them, since our mailbox could fill and it would not admit more messages. In order to do this we go away to the eyelash outpost, and him tenth that message of the servant eliminates after receiving it: Immediately.
Window of advanced adjustments. This is correctly formed an account in the Mail yet.