hosting in Chile

The Dns are:

PRIMARY DNS     |     IP:

SECONDARY DNS     |     IP:     |     IP:     |     IP:


The service that offers characterizes by the trustworthiness of its systems and seriousness in the fulfillment of our commitments.

Hosting planet - Quality in the attention and robust Infrastructure

Guarantee hosting Chile
Doubts and consultations?

If it has some doubt or it consults, with respect to our services or products of hosting, we have developed through our service areas to the Client, several communication channels so that it is contacted with us. Also, we counted on tools that will be able to orient it and thus they will be able to find answer to his requirements.

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How to contract the services?

In order to contract our services of Hosting, it only must make click in the plan that adjusts to its needs. After reviewing the details of the plan, can immediately activate it from the button “activation of the plan?.
That simple: approximately 10 minutes its service will be ready.

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In order to understand how it works

We put to its reach powerful tools of administration and control of its Host, totally intuitive and of easy use, in addition to explanatory tutorials and videos step by step, so that it can operate to the maximum all the benefits of the contracted service.