Planet Hosting Chile

It is a technological company, that offers integral services of Internet, with operations in Chile and South America. From his birth, in 2001, it has evolved to becoming the company leader in the lodging sector Web Hosting.

The quality of our service and the seriousness with which we assumed the commitments, has granted us a prestige, that has been transformed into our letter of presentation. These characteristics have allowed that Hosting Planet is present today in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Chile

better lodging Web hosting in Chile

Hosting planet is proud in being the company leader in services of Hosting for SMEs in Chile.
From its beginnings year 2001, its objective is to provide to each client the best service of hosting in Chile to a price than more reasonable, without for that reason losing no of the characteristics of a service of excellence.
With the years, it has constructed a solid reputation by his commitment with the security, the reliability, the technical experience and the best one in attention to the client.
Although Planetahosting has undergone a considerable growth, a thing has not changed: we have always believed in the treatment of each Planetahosting client as part of our family. Our objective is to treat our good family, and we strived to provide a service uninterrupted, integral educative resources, and all the tools necessary to develop a website of quality and permanently accessible.

Hosting - Quality in the attention and robust Infrastructure

Our human equipment is made up of 20 professionals who work with a strong direction to the client, led to give the best service of attention.
We count on a Department of Support, that gives technical support, responding to the requirements of our clients until the 24 hours via chat and ticket, the seven days of the week.
We design facilities that fulfill international standards to guarantee the security of the data of our clients and the continuity of our services with a real UpTime of 99.98%, annual average, certificate by CentinelaWeb.

We have our own one to datacenter TIER II, which allows us to have physical access to the Servers, maintaining the total control and the capacity to solve emergency situations in the smaller possible time. Type TIER II.
He connects Main of 1 National Gbps and 55 Mbps the International.
He connects Secondary of 1 National Gbps and 55 Mbps the International.
Generator set of endorsement.
Superfluous cooling system.
UPS for all our Servers.
Monitoring 24/7.
Controlled access.

Hosting - It is present in South America

The service of excellence that we have managed to develop, has allowed to tell us on the confidence of thousands of clients in Chile and the foreigner. is present in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. In all these countries we offer services of hosting, dedicated registry of domains and Servers.

Lodging webHosting
Guarantee on watch

In Hosting Planet we are safe of the reliability and quality of our services of shared lodging, for that reason we guaranteed an availability of 99.7% from access to his website and we offer 30 days of guarantee against-return to him in case of being satisfied.


Hosting planet strives to constantly send new useful products for our clients. In addition we invested in improving services as: Webmail, Control Panel and Anti-virus and antiSpam using as much own developments as adapting software of third parties.

Optimal connectivity

Hosting planet has an own national main network, that connects its advanced Data Center Santiago de Chile, with its Points of Presence (MGP) in the main Centers of Peering (interchange of traffic IP).