Forms of payment Hosting Planet

(Different options according to your needs)

Bank of Chile

If you want to pay with traditional deposit it you can do from any branch of the Bank of Chile. You only must fill the deposit butt that will give you in the same bank with the information that we sent you to your mail of contact.
If you do not remember it can ask for it to


Also we have payment with Credit card by means of Paypal, that is the system of greater and safe payment of the world. It is very fast and easy to operate.
If you want more details of how to pay with this method there are click Here.


If you do not have banking branches near you you can use any premises of Servipag to make deposit in the Chile Bank. So what you would do it in any branch of bank.

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It remembers that once made the payment it is necessary to notify it in our website being done click in the blue button that is in the right part superior of the screen “Notification of Payment?.