Services Housing Tower

We gave the tranquillity to you of which the network is going to work correctly. But he remembers that you are your who must guard by the good operation of your Hardware, doing necessary lack ferocities when corresponds.
Each Housing whatever with 1 mouth of Network and energy for 1 source of being able.

4 Or of Space
1 Exclusive IP
1 TV monthly Transference
UPS for our Servers
Fixed IP: 1

To ask for Housing 4U

Period to pay

It selects the time by which you want to contract the service. To more time of hiring, better price.

[10% of discount]
[20% of discount]
[33% of discount]

Generator set
Mbps connects Minimum National Guaranteed 5
It connects the International Mín.Garantizado 512 Kbps
Complete control of the servant Administration on the part of the client


Control of temperature and humidity
Security of physical presence
Security against fires
Generator set of endorsement

Additional services

Cost of setup: $39.900 + IVA

It includes assembly in Rack, Assembly in Red and UPS