Hosting for Companies
Plan SME

This is the front door to the plans designed for Companies. Better and but complete Servers to avoid any fall. If in your company the communications via mail are very important you must contract a plan of Linea Empresas.

7 GB Total Space
Limitless accounts of Mail
Limitless transference
20 Bases MySQL
20 Car park
500 Post office per Hour
25 Clients by Nucleus

annual + IVA
To contract Here

Firewall De Software and Hardware
Cloud Linux (it encapsulates each client in a private cloud).
Daily, Weekly and Monthly endorsements
Endorsements Outside the Datacenter
It connects Superfluous
Annual Uptime Guaranteed 99,8

Hardware and Versions

Servers Supermicro de Última Generation
PHP 5,3 + and 5,4 +
MySQL 5,2+ and 5,3 +
Cpanel Paper Spanish Lantern

Software Additional

Active Stop-Spam

Data Center characteristics

Located Own Datacenter in Santiago
Generator set of endorsement
Optical fiber double bond
Superfluous cooling system
Balance of loads by superfluous connections
UPS for all our Servers
National speed of 1Gbps
Speed the International of 55 Mbps

It includes Softaculous
+ of 300 preistaladas applications.
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“Contracting to this plan of Hosting estaras helping To reforest the Patagonia?

We reforest Patagonia is the campaign of greater native reforestation in the history of Chile. Help us to arrive at more people to reach the goal of the million trees.     |

better lodging webhosting in Chile

Comparison of Hosting Plans Company

HOSTING PLANS SME Corporative Premium
Price annual + IVA $119.900 $169.900 $229.900
Total space 7 GB 12 GB 20 GB
Transference Limitless Limitless Limitless
Services E-mail
Accounts Mail Limitless Limitless Limitless
Post office per Hour 500 500 700
General services
Accounts FTP 20 20 30
Domain in car park 20 20 30
Sub-domains 20 20 30
Data bases MySQL 20 20 30
Endorsement Newspaper, weekly and monthly Newspaper, weekly and monthly Newspaper, weekly and monthly
Spam Active Stop *
Optimized for Webpay * NO NO NO
Tree in the Patagonia *
Performance of the Servant
Clients by centre 25 25 15
Uptime 99,8 99,8 99,8
Type of Servant Supermicro de Alta Availability Supermicro de Alta Availability Supermicro de Alta Availability
Yield 6/7 6/7 7/7
+ Ver

Maximum resources given by website

  % CPU CPU (MHz) Pmem (GB) EP NPROC I
Basic Hosting 15 1000 0,5 15 100 1024
Standard Hosting 18 1500 0,8 30 100 1024
Professional Hosting 20 2000 1,5 30 100 1024
Hosting SME 20 2500 1,7 40 100 1024
Corporative Hosting 25 3000 2,2 50 100 1024
Premium Hosting 25 3000 2,2 50 100 1024
Standard Hosting WP 20 2000 1,5 30 100 1024
Corporative Hosting WP 25 2500 1,7 40 100 1024
Hosting Webpay 25 3000 2,2 50 100 1024
Hosting Webpay Extra 35 3500 2,5 60 100 1024
Guarantee hosting Chile
Doubts and consultations?

If it has some doubt or it consults, with respect to our services or products of hosting, we have developed through our service areas to the Client, several communication channels so that it is contacted with us. Also, we counted on tools that will be able to orient it and thus they will be able to find answer to his requirements.

Innovation hosting
How to contract the services?

In order to contract our services of Hosting, it only must make click in the plan that adjusts to its needs. After reviewing the details of the plan, can immediately activate it from the button “activation of the plan?.
That simple: approximately 10 minutes its service will be ready.

Connectivity hosting
In order to understand how it works

We put to its reach powerful tools of administration and control of its Host, totally intuitive and of easy use, in addition to explanatory tutorials and videos step by step, so that it can operate to the maximum all the benefits of the contracted service.