We help to promote a cultural change around the care of the environment.

Contract a plan of Hosting with us and you will be adding to you to this challenge.

With the aim of collaborating with We reforest Patagonia, in Hosting Planet we have modified our ranges on watch to obtain the best equation: on the one hand to offer the best service and by another one to help to recover areas of high ecological value.

better hosting in Chile
How to add itself to this campaign?
A new plan = a new tree

Whenever a client contracts a plan of hosting, Hosting Planet will give (without cost) a tree to him so that it can plant it in the Patagonia. The same will happen if that client contract a second plan, or a third party and so on.
Each tree will have the name that the client defines (personal or of the company) and will be able to see the tree planted in the virtual forest of We reforest Patagonia with the coordinates that we will make him arrive.

+700 Trees
- Planted in the 2017 -

We invited to you to be part of this noble campaign and to collaborate in the transmission of its messages. The Chilean Patagonia characterizes by its great biodiversity, lodging a great amount of ecosystems and numerous species of plants and animal. Their glaciers, mountains, rivers, Lagos, fiords, islands and forests constitute a natural patrimony of the whole humanity.
It knows more in www.reforestemospatagonia.cl