Frequent questions FAQ - Planet Hosting Chile

In this section it will find a series of questions that we have constructed from the consultations of clients.

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Where they are physically located the Servers of

The Servers of are in our own facilities. We must datacenter own, which allows to give to principle security and answer us in time record before any eventuality.

Our datacenter he owns the highest characteristics of connectivity, security and redundancy in the service.
We count on a National bandwidth of 1GB and the 55 International of Mbps.

In addition we counted on UPS for all our Servers and a Generator set with Board of automatic Transference, of such form that before a cut of light in less than 15 seconds already we are working again.

What safety measures have

The Servers of every day lean back in their totality to the 01:00 A.M., always maintaining a copy of the previous day, the previous week and the previous month available at any time for all our clients. Also periodically they keep backups in external Servers to avoid contingencies. Nevertheless no company is free of disasters and no matter how hard we can take the safety measure principles are very important that the client always has a defense of the content that raises Internet. For this from his Control Panel it can lower a backup copy at any time.
We count on Firewall Watchguard x8000 (1 million concurrent sessions), anti-virus permanent in our Servers, Firewall de Software, Brute FORCE defense, Mod Security and Dictionary attack.
In addition, we counted on UPS for all our Servers and the Generator sets with Board of automatic Transference, of such form that before a cut of light in less than 15 seconds already we are working again.

I can increase the space in disc or the memory?

It is possible at any time to increase the space in disc or the memory.
If it has a Plan inferior, it will be able to ask for the change of plan to a version superior, being solicitd the change to mail