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In this section it will find a series of questions that we have constructed from the consultations of clients.

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Problems Website, FTP, DNS, Cpanel and security in its site

403 Forbidden

S.A. to enter its website finds this error, can be that its directory Web is blocked by servant, the most common cause of this corresponds to blockade by phishing, sobreconsumption of resources in servant, or finally some permission erroneously granted to some file or directory.

Contact us to the mail and we will be able to give more details on the matter to him.

That is considered as Spam?

Spam, mail trash or message are called trash to the messages asked for, nonnot wished or of sender nonwell-known, habitually of advertising type, sent generally in great amounts (even massive) that harm of some or several ways to the receiver. The action to send these messages denominates Spamming. even considers Spam to the mail sent to lists of clients or users who have registered themselves in their website but which they have not requested specifically the shipment of certain information.

Although Spam by different routes can be done, the most used between the public generally is the cradle in the e-mail. Other technologies of Internet that have been mail object trash include groups of the news, social Usenet, web search engines, networks, webpages wiki, forums, Web logs (blogs), through emergent windows and all type of images and texts in the Web.

The mail trash can also have as objective the mobile phones (through text messages) and the systems of instantaneous mail as for example Outlook, Lotus Notes, Windows live, etc.

Also mail nonwished is called to the virus loose in the network and filtered pages (casino, drawings, prizes, trips, drugs, software and pornography), activate by means of the page enter of communities or groups or to accede to connections in diverse pages or including without before acceding to no type of publicity pages. 

As Forming PHPMailer in its site?

In order to be able to incorporate this class, it must unload Phpmailer and publish or only be guided of the file with the name index.php
Where it only must publish the following fields according to his domain:
$mail->Host = “;
$mail->Username = “;
$mail->Password = “123456?;
Finally in the variable $body must add the information that it captures from form of contact.

Blocked functions (init_set, register_globals and mod_rewrite)

It is probable that during the installation or implementation of some systems cms, is with some errors of blocked functions, which perhaps are this way since some type of vulnerability in these detects itself.

This can solve it creating a file by means of text editor notepad a called file php.ini which must contain in its interior the following thing:
** funcion=parametro **
init_set= on
register_globals= on
mod_rewrite = On
safe_mode = On
(according to required function).
Keeping the changes in this configuration and soon copying this file in the directory public_html or the directories whom this active function requires.

It does not load my website to me

Generally this is due to design errors.
Make sure that its first file is called index.htm – index.html – index.php - index.shtml in small letters, often place Index with the “I? in capital letters instead of a “i? in small letters.

In its equipment, its page will be able turns well but when it raises it, it only sees the listing of directories and folders.

In a local equipment, the computer takes the capital letters and small letters as equals, and the accents and Ñ's take them normal because the computer already has programmed its table of characters defined and for that reason it understands these characters.

When we raised to the page hosting Linux this operating system differentiates the capital letters from the small letters, just like the table of characters, this because the computers that review the webpages, could have the table of characters in Portuguese, Chinese Arab, etc. Which stops we is a space in Internet could be %20. Also characters ASCII exist that in the screen are equal. For example, if you press Alt+255 in the screen writes a space to him, but this it is different from the one of the spacebar.

In the following example we see errors in the link:
The Link is thus: ESPAÑOL.htm
But when trying to sail changes it to this: ÑOL.htm
The computer takes the space as %20
Soon it leaves this error: The requested URL /PRINCIPAL ESPAÃ ‘OL.htm was not found on this server.
Make sure that the titles, file names and links are all in small letters, with normal characters, without accents, neither eñes, nor spaces… instead of space “_? places the ray of ready floor and!

I do not see my website He is fallen the servant?

It is probable that their problem is local, therefore we recommended the following thing:
To go to in this service you can verify if its page this to the air and is seen from main “backbones? of Internet.
If You obtain a result in “Result? as “ok?

He means that the servant where this its page is working perfectly, and the problem is local or of its supplier of Internet.
Also the possibility exists that the Firewall of the servant has blocked its IP this happens when you have carried out many attempts bankrupts to logear yourself to the Cpanel or to the FTP and the key she is not the correct one, the servant would block its IP because it will confuse it with a “hacker?.

If this it is his case, please it enters to where it will appear his number IP and directly sends it to indicating what is its website and that it requires that they unblock his IP.

I am new client and not yet I can see my website

If she is new client, make sure to have changed the DNS in NIC Chile, in case of having a domain .cl or in the company where it has bought its international domain, in case of being (.com) or (.net) or (.org), etc.
If the DNS are not the correct ones then is very probable that its website is not seen correctly.

It can find the DNS of in the following direction:

It remembers that this process can delay between 12 to 48 hours.

Malicious code or hostile software (Virus)

If its website shows a message that it indicates that it has “malicious code? as the images that appear next means that in the programming of its site script is present some malicious that is affecting its website.
Script malicious or script with malicious code is a type of malware is a set of lines of code that is often used to redirigir the visitors from the site to a different website or so that archives nonwished unload.
These Scripts usually is inserted when using some gratuitous code of Internet (as accountants of visits, statistics, etc.) or directly in sites that use gratuitous complete programs as Joomla or Wordpress and is not updated periodically.
In order to solve this problem the programmer or designer of his website must contact themselves immediately with so that he immediately looks for and he eliminates this type of codes.

We recommend on the matter to see following information given by google: or

better hosting better hosting
How to avoid hackeos in Wordpress or Joomla

With the massification of the Webpages in Internet, the Amount of Groups or Gratuitous Managers was amassed to generate and to administer these webpages known as CMS, common examples are Wordpress, Joomla and OsCommerce between many others.
These systems have common the fact that usuary they can contribute with subjects, plugins, etc. is Here where it is the greater danger.

Many Hackers pass months looking for vulnerabilities in the different types from plugins, or subjects that is only detected by their creators once the hackeo was realised.
This does not have to do with the security of the servant, but with the own webpage.
A common example is the vulnerability of timthumb, a manager of miniatures used by many subjects of wordpress or joomla, by means of old versions of timthumb could be copied remote archives to the webpage and soon to execute it in the page, of this form thousands of webpages were hackeadas.
If you have undergone some attack of hackers and have any type of CMS or lie down virtual gratuitous, between which they can be WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, OsCommerce, Moodle between many others, we give 10 advice him exceeds what to do in case of hackeo:
1 - To verify that its system this updated.
2 - To verify that all the subjects or plugins are updated.
3 - To always realise the facilities by means of the administrator of the CMS.
4 - To use Temas and Plugins of reliable sources.
5 - To verify that the subject or plugin that it uses is updated constantly.
6 - To erase any plugin or subject of test that is not going to use.
7 - To realise many tests with its final installation of CMS, if it is possible, realises all the necessary tests, and later cleaning realises the final installation.
8 - If it is possible adds an index.html empty in each directory who does not have index, this prevents that the archives of the directory are seen and with this it is but difficult to look for vulnerable archives.
9 - It always has the computer that connects to FTP or the administrator of the clean CMS of virus. (This is applied to any webpage, not only CMS)
10 - It does not waste the time looking for guilty, probably never finds them.

Even with all the precaution, we do not have to forget that they are open systems and gratuitous that never will give to a security to the 100% him, since the own central system of Wordpress or Joomla has suffered hackeos, logically these less common and are quickly corrected.
It remembers that hardly a hackeo of this type will be something personal against you, the majority of the hackers that realise this do not worry about the page who was hackeada, but with the amount of pages that were hackeadas.

What is the Phishing and as I can avoid it?

Phishing is a deceit form by means of which the attackers send a message (hook) to one or several people, in order to convince them that they reveal his personal data. Generally, this information is used soon to conduct fraudulent battles as transferences of bottoms of its bank account, purchases with its criminal credit cards or other behaviors that require the use of such data. 

The means more used at the moment by the attackers to realise an attack of Phishing are the e-mail. Their messages usually are very convincing, since they simulate to be sent by a well-known and reliable organization for the user with who this one operates habitually, for example, a bank or a company with which it realises commercial transactions through Internet. 
In the message diverse reasons are alleged, as technical problems, update or revision of the data of an account. Next, for – supposedly to verify or to modify its personal data, is asked for to him that it enters a certain website: its complete name, RUT, keys of access, etc. This webpage is, in fact, a falsified site that simulates to be the one of the organization at issue, but as its design usually is very similar to the one of the organization of whose identity they are had appropriate - sometimes it is practically identical, the user cannot be noticed of the deceit. 
In other cases, the ruse is based on similarity between the directions Web of the authentic site and the apocryphal one. In many occasions even, the text of the connection written in the e-mail corresponds with the real address of the website and if the user clicks in this connection, redirige to a false page, controlled by the attackers.

As Protecting its Domain and Post office Not to be identified as Spam?

In order to improve that their domain and post office are not identified as Spam please to follow the following steps:

1. To enter its Control Panel CPANEL
2. To go to the area where it says MAIL
3 Hacer click where it says Authentication Email
4. It will be able to see 2 points to activate, the one of DOMAINKEYS and the one of SPF
5. The first point to activate is the SPF
6. It clicks in Activating the SPF
7. After activating it will appear to him a long code, this code please keeps it in a safe place and leaves kept it for future references from security with us its company on watch of WEB HOSTING
8. It clicks in the bond TO RETURN
9. It reviews again under the SPF area that says: Status: Activated & Active (Control of DNS Step the Test)
10. It goes downwards and it will be able to see a button that says To update, Clicks in this button and updates the data.
11. In this same area of MAIL they can see the DOMAINKEYS option that before in point 4 I am mentioned. Please to click in ACTIVATING
12. It will appear to him a page that says: DomainKeys have been enabled.
13. It clicks in Returning and it reviews that the status says this: Status: Activated & Active (Control of DNS Step the Test)
Realising these two steps it will already be able to obtain next to the systems placed in the Servers of as in the infrastructure systems of the IPs and the datacenter that their mail is not considered as Spam.
If it has some question or problem please contacts directly in the area of clients opening a case to us of consultation to the department of support to clients.

Policies Anti Spam

The shipment of e-mail massive absolutely is prohibited and it will not be allowed under any circumstance. When they are even directed to data bases of clients or it is counted on authorization of the same. 

The detection on the part of our company of a Client sending e-mail massive, is a causal one of immediate suspension of the services.

The use of services of other suppliers to carry out abusive advertising campaigns, making reference in these campaigns to services lodged in, also implies suspension of the service.

If it is surprised a client for the second time, sending e-mail massive, is intentional or no, of publicity or any nature, the service is suspended in immediate form, without possibility of return of some surplus of the money paid by the benefit of the service.

 The use of some of the Servers of mail of the domain and the email addresses with the aims of Spam, mail bombing, phishing, escrowfraud, scam 419, pharming, diffusion of virus (Trojans, worms, etc.), or any other type of activity realised with sabotaging, fraudulent or criminal spirit, will be causal immediate of term of the services.

Also, reserves the right to demand the payment of all the resources that have been used to provide solution to the problems generated by this type of shipments.

The allowed maximum amount for the shipment of e-mail on the part of the services shared in the lapse of one hour, is of 300 e-mails by domain. In case this amount is surpassed, the sites will be disabled to continue sending to e-mail until pass the period of 1 hour.

If it requires to send a greater amount of e-mail per hour, communicate with our platform of Attention to Clients. It is important that it considers that Servers VPS allow the shipment of up to 1,000 e-mails per hour and, the Servers dedicated up to 5,000 e-mails per hour. 

To protect the content of my website makes your available a form very easy to protect all the information contained in your website.
You only must enter to your “Cpanel? to go to the section “Archives? and to select to the button “Endorsements? and soon to lower to the endorsement tightening the button “ready Daily? and. With these 2 simple steps you have a copy of its safe website in your computer.

If your website has a data base or is entering information directly it is very important that this operation is made periodically to have endorsements.
It remembers that you are the only person in charge by the information raised your website.