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®Server ProLiant ML10 G8
The Servant Companies this thought about sites online of intermediate traffic with the advantage of all dedicated servant: Own IP, Policies of Security and filters that the administrator assigns directly.

If it does not know to administer Servers we recommended the dedicated services Administered to him.
4 GB Ram
2 discs 1 TV c/u
2 T Traffic

IntelXeon 3,1 Ghz (4 Centres)

It connects National: 1 Gb shared duplex

Fixed IP: 1
It connects the International: 55 Mbps shared
Datacenter: Own in Santiago Tipo Tier II
(*) the servant can undergo variations of pieces and/or model, but always the given servant will be of equals or better characteristics.
Caracterásticas to datacenter
Located Own Datacenter in Santiago de Chile
Optical fiber double bond
Balance of loads by superfluous connections
National speed of 1GB and Inter. of 55 Mbps

Generator set of endorsement

Superfluous cooling system
UPS for all our Servers
Guaranteed Annual Uptime of 99,85%
Uptime average 99,85%
Additional services

Cost of setup: $39.900 + IVA

It includes assembly in datacenter of Servant.

Installation of operating system Windows or Linux according to asks for the client (it does not include the license).

To ask for Dedicated Servant
It selects the time by which you want to contract the service. To more time of hiring, better price.
Semester payment $972,000 + IVA
[10% of discount]
Biennial payment $2.893.000 + IVA
IP Fixes Additional

[Monthly Payment $9,900 + IVA]

[Biennial Payment $159,000 + IVA]
[Monthly Payment $30,000 + IVA]
[Monthly Payment $30,000 + IVA]