VPS Autoadminitrados
Standard plan

The standard VPS is the front door to the services of Servidores Virtuales Privados (VPS). He is recommendable to begin to work in own Servers.
If it does not know to administer Servers we recommended Administered services to him VPS.

2 GB Ram
50 GB Space
200 GB Transference
Limitless accounts of mail
Directions IP: 1
WHM and Cpanel: Free
Setup of servant: Free

To ask for Servant VPS

Period to pay

It selects the time by which you want to contract the service. To more time of hiring, better price.

[10% of discount]
[20% of discount]
[33% of discount]
It wishes that we activate customized DNS for its VPS?

Operating system: CentOs Linux
Configurable servant 100%
Full Acceso to Root
Activation: In 24 hours
SSH access

Caracterásticas to datacenter

Located Own Datacenter in Santiago de Chile
Optical fiber double bond
Balance of loads by superfluous connections
National speed of 1GB and Inter. of 70 Megabyte
Generator set of endorsement
Superfluous cooling system
UPS for all our Servers
Uptime Annual average 99,98%

Our services VPS have

Guaranteed Uptime: annual 99.9%
License WHM and CPANEL Free
Technical support 24x7x365
New Cpanel Paper Lantern