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Frequent questions FAQ - Planet Hosting Chile

In this section it will find a series of questions that we have constructed from the consultations of clients.

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Terms and Conditions on watch

Is fontsfa.com responsible for the content of my website?

fontsfa.com is not responsible for any content of website, data bases or e-mails.
The client is the one who she must maintain a backup copy or backup of all their content. Although Hosting.cl takes all the pertinent safety measures and the machines even have 3 levels different from backups and procedures can fail reason why we cannot guarantee any content.

The client can enter to his “Cpanel? to go to the section “Archives? and to select to the button “Endorsements? and soon to lower to the endorsement tightening the button “ready Daily? and. With these 2 simple steps you have a copy of his safe website in his computer.

Sisu website has a data base or is entering information directly is very important that this operation is made periodically to have endorsements.
It remembers that you are the only person in charge by the information raised your website.

Policies of use of the service

The policies of use of services can find them in the following link: www.fontsfa.com/politicas-de-uso.php

Privacy of Data

In fontsfa.com we have an absolute respect by its data and their privacy. The data that we own in our system are exclusively for managing the services that contract with us and to take care of to him as well as possible.

At any moment it can accede to them and rectify them. We informed to him as they are the data that we handled and as and so that we used them.
By all means, it has the guarantee of which in no case we would yield them to third parties, because they are absolutely confidential and we dealt them with extreme well-taken care of.

Also we want to maintain it permanently informed into the improvements that we are implementing in the services that it has contracted, as well as of the new features that we think that they can be of his interest. In fontsfa.com we are absolutely opposite to the practice of the Spamming.

Suspension and term of the Service


Anyone of the following conducts or execution of the following processes is prohibited and are causal of suspension of the services:
a) Shipment of massive mail or Spam, or in intentional form or by infection of virus of some terminal of the client.
b) Detection of Phishing, or intentional or default of the safety measures of its programming of the client in its website.
c) To execute processes that use near the 100% of the CPU by more than 3 minutes. Processes that they require on 48 Megabyte of memory, or great number of requests that slow down the operation of the servant.
d) To use more of 5% of all the resources of the system available at any time.

They are causal of anticipated completion of the contract:
a) The integral and opportune nonpayment of the price agreed by the services.
b) Anyone of the following conducts or execution of the following processes is prohibited and are causal of term of the services:
b.1) To send massive mail or Spam but of 2 times in the period of a year.
b.2) Detection of Phishing in the website of the client more in one go in the period of a year.
b.3) abusive Behavior against the personnel: Any abusive behavior, abusive language or threats against any member of the fontsfa.com personnel would not be tolerated.